House rules

The reception of the pension is open 8:00 to 23:00. If you have questions or concerns, our staff are happy to help.

Smoking ban
Please note that smoking in the rooms, breakfast rooms, toilets and floor corridors are strictly observed. In case of violation, the board charges a fee of € 250. The same applies to the manipulation of smoke alarms or unauthorized opening of emergency doors. The board reserves the right to claim higher damages if z. B. the board there is provided a fire services invoiced or incurred by unauthorized smoking fire has caused damage to the property pension.

The quality of breakfast is provided daily 07-09 clock. There must be no food and drink are taken from the buffet. Breakfast power can be logged by the guest at check-in or to 23 pm the day before. Not once arranged, the presence or absence in the above-mentioned Breakfast hours are charged to the guest bill 100%. The cancellation of the quality of breakfast the following day is no longer possible after 23 PM. Customers consistently logged for several days, the quality of breakfast, can completely or interrupt this power for a few days, but only after registration with the competent staff the previous day to 23 AM. Otherwise, the quality of breakfast is provided to 100% n invoiced. Unannounced guests have no claim on quality of breakfast. Gladly, this can be obtained on the spot and time with the staff!

Departure, invoicing
To avoid incorrect billing addresses, we recommend at check in the bill to pay and pass the required billing information to the staff. To avoid long waiting times at your departure or objectionable incorrect invoices at a later date, we ask guests to pay no later than on the eve of the invoice and the invoice contents (address allocation in group booking, etc.) to compare / discuss. Leaving the Pension please the door pull. In addition, please leave the room key at the front desk upon check-out.

Damage, pollution, loss of keys
Room, board rooms and their facilities, and the board is not property damage. We ask you to report complaints in the room or brought about by the Pension staff inconvenience immediately at the reception.
In case of damage or contamination of the building or inventory, or in case of loss of the key of the damage is to be replaced by the polluter. The loss rate of the room key is € 350. damages are immediately payable in cash (in groups have escorts, if necessary, on behalf of the organizer, to pay in advance). Theft or intentional damage of property will be reported to.
In our house there is the guests are not permitted entrained electrical appliances, except hair dryers and electric shavers to use. This is particularly true for water heater, immersion heaters, hotplates iron etc. Due to hygienic and safety reasons it is not allowed to prepare hot meals and hot drinks in the room.

Night peace, order and security
From 22 pm to 8 am applies to all rooms Room volume observed. Also in corridors and in the outdoor area, the silence is compulsory. Any noise shall be avoided. Ignoring the night's sleep can result in immediate dismissal from the house. The board expects a respectful interaction with other guests, residents and staff. It is not allowed to lean out of the windows, to sit on the windowsills, throwing objects out of the windows or to call out the windows.

Visits, private or business type, you may like to receive in the social space, but not in the rooms. Not in the Pension persons booked the access to the rooms is strictly prohibited.

Illegal drugs & weapons
The equipment of illegal narcotics and weapons is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate dismissal from the house. In any case, the competent authorities are notified immediately.

In case of emergancy
The fire alarm is a loud signal. If this sounds, it's no longer allowed to go to the room and the board must be left in the fastest way. In this case, only the stair and Nottreppenanlagen may be used. The flight meeting point is depending on the situation in front of or behind the house.

Animals of any kind are not allowed in the pension.

During your stay at the guesthouse we ask for environmentally friendly behavior, especially when dealing with water and electricity.

Gross violations of the house rules or the general terms and conditions or the disregard of instructions by the staff lead to dismissal from the house. For violations of one or more of o. G. Rules the board has the right to terminate the contract without notice board recording. The obligation of the guest to pay the nights booked will remain and / or refund for already paid services is excluded.

Thank you for your attention and the attention of these House Rules. If you have any questions regarding your stay, please contact us at any time.

We wish you a pleasant stay!

Updated 01/07/2016